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Where the Wild Things Are - Stage Adaptation

Year - 2019


Design and concept by me, as a part of the year two at ECA performance costume

For my stage adaptation of the opera ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ I wanted to take inspiration from Nordic folklore. The wild things would all be different characters inspired by creatures in the tales abut the wilderness in Sweden and Norway. I wanted to bring the nature to the audience through the set design and the wild things with the help from the colours and structures in the piece. I also wanted to show quite clear how you can get an adventure with the help of imagination by doing it literal by using the books to grow into trees; the stories can come to life. The designs are mainly in earthy colours in combination with structures inspired by nature. Darker colours for the characters that are considered scarier looking, lighter colours for the friendly wild thing and the characters that are alluring and look friendly from the start but have a hidden objective. It is set in the 60s and that will show in the stage design for scene 1 and for how the mother and Max are dressed. The other costumes will be in earthy colours, some nature-structures combined with the silhouettes of clothes from both the 60s and from the time where many folklore books for children were written, mostly 1900s. The set is also in earthy colours with the structures from nature and forests. The costume I finally made is the ‘Bergstroll’ or mountain troll. It is built up by fabric covered foam rocks attached to a wadded lycra suit. The rocks are painted in to and I added yarn to look like moss and spiderweb. He is also wearing a gold chain and gold teeth to symbolise his riches. 

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